Customise and Schedule Reports (help)

Hi everyone,

We are trying to create some custom reports in ON24:

  • Dashboard: Would like to filter on specific tags and domains (Want to do this by BU, which is a tag and also exclude some email domains);
  • Scheduled reports: We want to schedule reports so we get an Excel sent to a specific location (an inbox, or better yet, sharepoint); right now I only see the option to access report urls per event; also we ideally we would customise the columns so we get just the columns we care about

Note that we have Advanced Analytics and Connect, but on the latter item, are not ready yet for any CRM integration. So scheduling reports is part of an interim solution.

Many thanks.

If you have access to the API, you could configure a service to make calls and retrieve your data. Lots of flexibility there if you have someone who can set that up for you.

Knowledge article here to get you started.